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89-year-old billionaire Chuck Feeney will donate all his fortune this year, and it's a promise he will give. Mentioned many years ago. Since 1982, he has been trying to donate $ 9 billion in total assets.

Now he is nearing that goal. He has donated about $ 2 billion to organizations in Ireland and the remainder has been donated to the United States The United States and many other countries around the world, such as South Africa.

If you don't work in charity, you probably don't know Finney. Nor is he the kind of person who likes to get the attention of others. He currently lives in a small apartment he rented in San Francisco with his wife.

But according to Forbes, for billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Warren Buffett, Finney is a role model who has motivated them to donate their wealth. Well.

Barfett recently said, “The scene has set an example. It is a great honor to mention one of my brave personalities and Bill Gates. He should be everyone's hero. ”

Billionaire Finney built his fortune from Duty-Free Sale. He joined Duty-Free Shopper Group in 1960 and is currently the largest company in the sector with 420 stores around the world. Sir.

And if you're interested in asking for a donation from him, it's too late because Finney's donation scheme is right It has been completed since 2016 and will be completed this year.