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About 10 years ago, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel and adviser to President Donald Donald Trump has invested $ 1.7 million in a mid-ocean city.

His goal is to build a city that is independent and free from any government in the world. According to a report by The Telegraph, there are other billionaires currently interested in the idea. Also, while Codius 19 allows some people to work remotely.

Patri Friedman, a former Google employee and founder of Seasteading Institute, said he sees many friends. Who are interested in relocating to those seaside cities.
"People in tech centers like Silicon Valley are looking for a place where they can live," he told the press Less, safer, and better managed. ”

He used to design a mid-ocean city that led to the creation of BlueSeed, which aims to build a city on the international seas near. Bay Area for tech workers who are not eligible for a US visa.

According to the Seasteading Initiative website, the biggest benefit of building these cities is the creation of a free society. One who is exempt from taxation and government surveillance;

But now there are no billionaires who have moved to those cities, but there are some from Silicon Valley who Evacuated to its basement in New Zealand since the outbreak of the disease, 19.