Phnom Penh: After making the public forget about posting sexy pictures by the sea until there are crooks Some took it in a pornographic way, insulted her, made her angry, warned to file a complaint, now look at the beauty Sreysaat has Sonita in a traditional dress and sees that she is as beautiful as Thida Sour.

The charming smiling actress, Miss Mean Sonita, made the crowd applaud again after she won a scene This is on the body beautifully. In order to create a new mood for fans as a famous artist, she has Sonita, nicknamed the Queen. The krama shows off its beauty in a traditional Khmer costume mixed with a beautiful body krama Unexpectedly and posted a picture of a beautiful Khmer scene on social media a few days ago.

After seeing the actress in such a scene, some fans praised that the actress This is really beautiful, both in a sexy dress and a classic suit like this.

It should also be noted that recently, the actress who is good at playing words on social media has caused Surprised many fans after she changed her style from gentle to sexy and now she Also wearing a gentle Khmer style.