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Phnom Penh: Ministry of Justice spokesman Chin Malin confirmed that the villagers' claims that the authorities are trying to arrest the suspects The court has released the sentencing, some wrong views.

Speaking at a press conference in the morning of March 26, 2020, at the Office of the Council of Ministers, Chin Min, Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry Justice has acknowledged the villagers' claims that the police tried to detain the suspects for a period of detention Seeing as some right and wrong.

“It's not all right, because people do not understand the connection with the police The court somehow. The police has the responsibility to prevent and stop crime by arresting suspects. Then the arrests will be sent to the court in conjunction with all the evidence and reports and documents. And the court will decide by investigating and reviewing the evidence, but if there is no basis, they will be released Release or release on bail under court supervision. He added that the law does not require detention without committing a serious offense and is not the last resort Temporary bail but in full legal custody.

When a citizen does not understand and understand the legal process, he can draw conclusions, he said Confused that the court is corrupt, the police try to release it. There is also some wrongdoing as some court officials have been wrong in the past.

The official relied on the interests of individuals, relationships, and other interests. "This is the conduct of individuals. We also have a monitoring mechanism by place, we also have sanctions. The section on penalties and those related to corruption offenses which are criminal offenses shall be decided by the court. Well, some people are right and wrong.

It should be mentioned that in the past, public opinion has suggested that the authorities should try to identify suspects or offenders. Finally, the court acquitted them, which seemed to discourage the authorities from working and suppressing them.