Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Asia Injury Prevention Fund, with support from the National Road Safety Committee and relevant ministries, yesterday opened a training seminar Three-Day Road Safety Trainer to Students from Higher Education Institutions in Phnom Penh as Land Traffic Accidents Pat , Killing an average of more than 5 people each day, more than 45 per cent are young people.

AIP Foundation Press Release on Building a Culture of Youth Safety Leadership Announcing the opening of a training workshop for students yesterday at the Sunway Hotel, the National Road Safety Committee statistics revealed last year. Prior to that About 45 per cent of road traffic fatalities in Cambodia are between the ages of 15 and 29. The alarming statistics point to the vulnerability of young people to many injuries and deaths from traffic accidents.

The purpose: “To educate and empower youth at higher education institutions to become active advocates of AIP Foundation Held 3-Day Trainer Training Workshop » .

The seminar will educate youth as representatives of higher education institutions in charge of training and education on traffic and behavior issues. Road safety: Approximately 30 people from 30 higher education institutions in Phnom Penh so that they can continue their education to university students And their friends about the importance of improving the driving behavior of the youth.

The announcement: “This training uses a peer-to-peer model and training students to be positive role models of safety. Traffic in tertiary institutions and in their communities, enabling them to train others on traffic safety behaviors.

Kim Panha, country director of the AIP Foundation, said that through these three-day seminars, young people will learn about victimization. Other trainees due to traffic accidents as well as a deeper understanding of the risks of road safety through innovative games and exercises Apply.

He said that due to traffic accidents, as well as the number of fatalities and injuries in 2019, there was an alarming increase until the head of the committee National Road Safety Announces Emergency Alert, so Youth Situation This There is a need for effective and timely prevention and mitigation measures to protect vital resources for families and Cambodia .

"We need to take action more quickly and efficiently because we cannot afford to let the future generations of families go," he said. Each and every one of us, as well as our Cambodian society, has the knowledge and skills to do the job, but it is behaving in a particular breach of law, traffic law and dare to face it At high risk forever That day.

Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Yukok Ngoy said at the opening of the seminar yesterday that the seminar was really important. To train young people to gain knowledge and experience for further dissemination.

“So far, we know that traffic accidents are a subject that requires attention and participation Block. In this context, the Ministry of Education has also included the standard of road safety education in the curriculum of primary and secondary textbooks. Also.

He said the number of road traffic fatalities is growing alarmingly and has not been reduced to the target Yet, it causes hundreds of millions of dollars in economic losses each year. The losses affect productivity, healthcare, employment opportunities and other costs.

Ngu cited the National Road Safety Committee's report in 2019 that the number of road traffic fatalities reached 1,852. Of these, 45% were victims aged 15-29.

At the meeting, summiting the results of 2019 road safety and targets 2020 on January 21, Minister Sar Kheng Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the National Committee for Road Safety declared a traffic accident and set 2020 as the year to fight Prevail Traffic classification.