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Phnom Penh: A sweet actress who for the last time loved an original COVER song and has always made fans love to explode. Due to her eloquence, Miss Solita seems to be alienating herself from the arts, as Kov 19 made a movie theater. The film is suspended, and some artists are turning to the online marketplace. While some artists have complained about the loss of their earnings due to Kov 19, Sony has been happy with the rest. Back.

Sure, Ivory 19 is causing artists to miss movies and other shows and the advertising market. With the decline, Dionita seems less worried as the new business is busy Strong, though not officially open.

The new business, the love of the slim figure, is one of the big things that is preparing to officially open. Soon after the Ivory Coast eased. Noting that Dionita seems to have been very much in love with the business, she has little time for it No work of art.

However, Sonita's art work is not very marketable, but she still maintains an interest and popularity among the masses At the moment, because of the video production with John Electra, the romantic comedy has received a lot of support. Extremely supportive of fans through Facebook.

Also, Sony is one of the most popular actresses and singers on the line. Small and large-screened films that have earned the public's admiration for her ability, especially on the cover song Originally posted on Personal Channel