Siamese The Tiananmen Museum of Angkor is planning to replicate some ancient artifacts in order to promote ancestral works, which the project will eventually submit. This year to receive the approval of the ICC Angkor Committee.

Seng Sotheara, deputy director of the department of cultural affairs managing the Angkor Wat Museum, told the Post on Sunday that the department's team in charge Culturally, there is a project to promote the ancient kiln project in Tani village by setting up a ceramic workshop for the villagers. Khmer reusable headset

He said the project could be useful for improving people's lives in tourism and as a reminder of the ancestry of the show. The love of coffin to tourists who visit and can also be bought as souvenirs.

“Our place is just a showcase of a wide variety of accessories for his guests to see and also Buy it, in that he can see how the product is made. ”

However, Mr. Sotheara said that because the project had just been mentioned by a professional official, the project would continue to be submitted to the commission. The ICC Angkor, to make the decision, is hopeful that the project will take shape by 2022.

Apsara Authority spokeswoman Long Kosal said the Apsara Authority supports the project and will continue to push forward as he views it as a legacy. Khmer ancestors left for the Khmer who should be able to re-use the objects.

He said that replicating ancient porcelain patterns for everyday life also served as a reminder of ancestral work. So it was with our ancestors.

He added: “The purpose is to convey to the public the richness of Khmer pottery from the era. Classic is a lot. In addition, we want to use objects in the form of ancient forms that we can use to serve To our living or to make it a souvenir too. "

Professor Tuy Chan Thuon, an archaeologist who has studied prehistoric pearls, suggested that the idea of ​​replication Which is good because it can spread these works to the younger generation, especially tourists, because replicas of these pieces are not To affect the form of Ceramics.

He added: “Why is the replica made? Because the cuneiform does not duplicate the stone or the bronze because of its different shape. Even if the copy is 100% external, everything inside is not the same. So, copying from old works to new ones is a good way to show how far we have come from ancient Khmer art. We are not worried that they will be infected. ”

The lecturer explained that, in general, each copy differs according to the works and localities of the villagers, and that It is even more different from country to country.