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Kratie: A man was rescued from a villagers' farm after he was seriously injured. After being hunted by five buffaloes in a cashew forest behind the village on the 17th This April.

The victim, Sury Seiha, 50, of Ou Preah Village, Ou Kien commune, Sambor district.
While he was picking cashews, he saw five buffaloes in a manger and he chased them. The buffalo was hunted by the buffalo, which caused severe damage to the entire body.

In that situation, the victim shouted for help and was evacuated by nearby villagers to help evacuate. The men came out of the vicious buffalo. The victim suffered serious injuries from several buffalo herds with long, sharp horns.

Sambo district police chief Lieutenant Colonel Nish Thach said the buffalo incident did not pose any risk to human life. Only the victim was seriously injured, and the victim was taken to a hospital while police were working Search for abandoned buffalo owners The exhilaration that comes responsibility.

This is the second case of a buffalo accident in Sambo district. In early February, a police officer in the Sambor district was seriously injured by a herd. Buffalo chased after a police officer in charge of a buffalo robbery.