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Buddhism is a religion of peace, religion seeks peace for human society, so preservation as well as promoting Buddhism is important. For all the masses, the Buddhist monks should also be commended for their devotion by organizing the altar. Monks in various religious ceremonies Appropriation is always superior to Buddhism for the dignity and prestige of Buddhism in accordance with the national motto of the King and the Constitution Cambodia.
In order to promote higher regard for Buddhist monks, the following four principles must be followed:

The layman or layman should properly prepare the monk's altar, even if the altar is covered with a cloth, blanket, and a scarf. Always in public ceremonies or during large festivals, monks' seats should be organized. Higher than the seats of the Roar and all the guests, though The height at the highest level anyway.

During a ceremony or other donation ceremony for monks, lay attendants, or laymen, they should always remove their shoes to show respect. For the monk, who is the superior.

All ceremonies attended by monks, while praising the monks, should not be performed by the monks. In response to the roar, simply acting in a respectful, gentle manner, softening the body slightly, is a good fit for the tradition. Buddhist and Buddhist traditions.

4- Because monks are buddhists, the Apostles of the Buddha do not fit on the lower altar or the salute. In fact, lower or higher altars, according to Buddhism, do not punish the monks, but it can be sinful. Some, for the sake of the monk, are morally superior, and even though the sect is equal or superior to the monks, is offensive. To the priest here he calls sin, but not too heavy.

It has been noted that in the past, the public has also criticized the monk because of his particular handshake. He saluted high-ranking officials who worshiped him, whose conduct was not in harmony with Buddhism.