Phnom Penh: The Governor of Phnom Penh has instructed 14 provincial authorities How to better serve the people on requesting property registration services.

On Monday, April 20, 2020, Phnom Penh Administration held a meeting on the submission procedure for the transfer of ownership Real Estate in 14 Districts, Phnom Penh.

HE Khuong Sreng said that in the name of Khan and Land Authority, Khan must take care of providing services to the people on the provision of cadastral services. At the national level, many amendments have been made to the Minister of Land Management, Urbanization and Construction. But the work has not been done so the government has decided to transfer this function to the sub-national level in order to provide services to the people. Get better.

“The service provided to the people has been good but we still lack what the ministry recommends. Territory. The transfer of functions to the sub-national level is to make service delivery to the people efficient, transparent and fast. All district governors are paying close attention, and in the future, health services will be added to the sub-national level
That we must be successful and successful. This work is successful only if all district governors are paying close attention to the commune level within their jurisdiction to promote better work. ” .

He added that in the past, we have done better and especially for the establishment of a hospitality group at the commune level to provide services to the people. The resentment from residents that it is “more difficult to meet the chief minister than the minister” has faded. On behalf of the sub-national authorities
We need to get ready and go in the near future, the neighborhood will have the same gateway, and it's time for the commune election Also in 2022. If reform is not good, it will not do it. So no, we have to be careful, and what is wrong must be corrected and not inspected.

Also, to ensure the continuity and regularity of administrative work and the provision of public services during the restructuring of Khan administration to ensure The effectiveness, efficiency, as well as the speed, procedure, and duration of the real estate transfer service to facilitate people's daily lives. Citizens, as well as to avoid public outcry about services, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has instructed 14 governors to implement the content of the framework. Decentralization and Decentralization of the Royal Government through the Ministry of Interior, one of which has clearly stated the authority to sign Director (Sam) Governor of the Seam District to the Director of the Office of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction Direct Office After thumbprint verification from the commune chief in the registration document, transfer the order to the domain Land, Urbanization, Construction and Cadastral Election in full accordance with the procedure and legal regulations in force. By: Sarkozy