On social media, this time it was noticedControversy rages over the enforcement of the law over land for two consecutive days. There has also been criticism of fines that appear to be too severe and in some cases not worth the fines. Slowly. However, the restriction of the fine of the authorities at this time is for all citizens to abide by the indispensable law While driving on the road to reduce traffic accidents that occur daily.

Of course, the few gaps or contradictions of the authorities have caused much criticism. For example, in the case of a driver's license, Zin turned out to be a copy of an account called To Tal expressing his frustration. In that case, say: Mr. Policeman tried to get the original driver's license as he allegedly brought him a copy of the driver's license and he asked for the original. He said, "How did the police look at my open card? He replied that the vague photo had a black stamp when he answered." So I guess he didn't even know his driver's license My level thngaiminh.

In addition to this, a number of Facebook users have shown a copy of the same driver's license as Copy Everyone saw and criticized the police, "Maybe he never had a car and didn't know the real card." By: Hong Hong