The Cambodian ambassador to Bangkok has announced that Thailand's Amarin News publishes news about Khmer returnees during Khmer New Year is completely false and Thai Amarin News Corrected and apologized. The Cambodian embassy has sent a letter of protest and requested an editorial to be published on this article.

The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Bangkok, on the night of March 21, 2020, issued a press release stating that on the 21st March, 2010 – Amarin News of Thailand corrects and apologizes for articles in Khmer Times (published by embassy) Translated into a different context than the original For information regarding the return of Khmer citizens during Khmer New Year after the Embassy sent a letter of protest and requested an amendment The press release contained in this piece. ”

The Cambodian ambassador to Thailand stated that on the occasion of Khmer New Year please all workers, students and businessmen who are studying Stay in Thailand Please cooperate with host country If not necessary please avoid traveling to Thailand to join Whereas in Ca Prevent and prevent the spread of these diseases. At the same time, Cambodian citizens who wish to come to Thailand please follow the information on the measures of the two countries carefully and be careful. Before deciding to travel by: Kolab