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Phnom Penh: Champion boxing title “Cambodia Arena Khmer” in the 60kg weight class on the CNN circuit Saturday, Feb. 15, is in the semi-finals. The two Cambodian players, Bang Kayak and Tan Makh, have all conquered Thailand in the semifinals.

Tatmadaw players from the Ministry of National Defense Boxing Clubs clash with Thai Vathya: Yuthy Naikim and BANGKOK, from the Ministry of Agriculture's Boxing Association has been in contact with Thai Peng Kratie Kratie. Boxing fans are looking forward to seeing if these two Cambodian players have a chance to defeat their opponents. Mind you or not, as the Thai players they face now are tough to beat.

Tatmadara has been crowned champion many times before, but coming up with a talented Thai player. Similar games are not that easy. So the pair can be settled so they cannot predict the winner of the match. This.

It is difficult for Bangkok to meet Thai players this time. The Koh Kong-born player has built a strong reputation in the ring for years. So far, they have rarely appeared in the ring as often as before. However, his handicap was as good as ever, especially his elbows and knees, which used to hurt opponents. There were no injuries.

Competitors in Thailand have had less experience in the ring. Watch whether Bangkok can achieve their dream of qualifying for the final.

For the friendly match, Elit Pheaktun from Pen Kak Kun Khmer team up with Thai player Peter Say Chun Pep Cage weighs in at 63.5kg as opponent opens from Sophon from Ephron Sports Elit Sok Chinese from Pen Kak Kun Khmer. (Edited by: Bopha)