The body of Si Quey was cremated in Nonthaburi on Thursday, July 23, 2020, after being unveiled. Publicly in glass cabinets at the Medical Museum for more than six decades, but for the ashes of the killer items are still unknown. Decided where to go yet.

Cremation will take place at Bang Prang Tai Pagoda near Bangkok Prison in Bangkok's Moeung District.

Naras Savestanan, director general of the Correctional Facility, said his department was responsible for the cremation of the convicts because no relatives had responded. With the call of Siriraj Hospital a month ago.

"Si Quey is a death row inmate who has committed many crimes," Mr. Naras said. "We do this by treating Si Quey like other prisoners without relatives."

Siriraj Hospital takes good care of the body and dedicates it to Si Quey every year. The remains are used to teach medical students.

At the funeral, Jeerarote Jeerapornsawat, 78, said he knew the Cyclone killer well when he was alive. More than 10 years old. Siki used to work at his grandfather's pepper and pepper plantation in Thap Saka district.

Mr. Jeerarote continued, “Sikhi earns 30 baht a day. He had long teeth and could not speak Thai at all, so he worked as a laborer, carrying water and gardening. And so on.

Jeerarote, who now lives in Bangkok, said: "I called the squirrels" uncles "according to local tradition. Siki loves fried pork, which is very salty and always finds the same dish from the chef after work at 5pm.

Siki was convicted of killing seven children by removing their internal organs and eating meat. Siki was arrested in Rakhine State in 1958 and confessed to the murder.

Sikhi was executed by gunfire in Bangkok Prison on September 16, 1959. He was 32 years old at the time. Siriraj Hospital took the body for medical examination in the same month of the year.

The bodies of four children killed by the killers were mutilated, but internal organs were found in Thap Saka district. The killings took place in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and Rayong.

Siki's name is often used by parents or elders of that generation to warn children, such as "If a child If you make a mistake, you will be caught and cooked. ”

Please be informed that Bang Prang Tai pagoda is a place of worship and religious place for prisoners who were executed by shooting in prison. The pagoda is located next to the 11th area of ​​Bangkok Prison.