The fort has a fort Thai authorities in Thailand's Sa Kaeo province yesterday continued to deny the request of Cambodian authorities in Banteay Meanchey province to open international border checkpoints. Poipet was re-opened after both sides closed during the spread of the disease.

Banteay Meanchey Provincial Governor Um Night met with Virak Sengkorn, the governor of Sras Keo province, via a video conference. 23 June to request the Thai side to reopen the Poipet international border gate and allow Khmer citizens, especially Khmer businessmen, to enter and exit. Thailand to do business in Rong Kru Market in Sa Kaeo. But the Thai side has allowed only Khmer traders to check in on the market.

The Thai side also confirmed that the border gate would not be reopened soon. According to the Banteay Meanchey Provincial Administration Facebook page, the meeting discussed on the agenda such as opening the port at July 1st or continue to close discussions for free market access at Rong Khuo market, migrant worker discussion and issues More.

According to the same Facebook page, “At this meeting, Thai officials in Sa Kaeo decided to keep the Poipet checkpoint closed. And Khmer traders are not allowed to enter the market. The Thai side has only agreed in principle to allow Cambodian traders to go to Rong Kru market to inspect goods and return goods to Cambodia through 50 vehicles. Each unit must have only 2 persons and must complete the form and medical examination according to the instructions and measures of the Ministry of Health Before.

The Facebook page read: “The market entry period is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. : 00:00 AM Entry at 13:00 pm Must leave Thailand and be allowed to enter "At (the goods), the dates are not set, waiting for notification from the Thai government."

The official of Sa Kaeo also confirmed that the opening or closing of Poipet international border checkpoint was not open soon and Cambodian citizens who were Departing from Thailand to Cambodia during the epidemic 19, is to continue through the Aeon Channel. When contacted by phone yesterday, the Post could not be reached for comment yesterday by Banteay Meanchey provincial governor Um Night and deputy governor Ly Sary; A spokesman for the province.

But on June 22, Mr Ly Sary confirmed a request to meet with Thai officials in Sa Kaeo to open the Poipet border crossing. It follows the suggestion of a Cambodian businessman with a stall in Rong Kro market that they claim is having a significant impact. Life has been around since Thailand closed its border since March.

Ly Meng Huy, a trader at the Rong Khuo market, told the Post the reason the traders wanted to re-enter Thailand. It is now time to see the situation of HIV infection in Thailand starting to ease, and Cambodian businessmen are worried. About the goods left in a stall at the Rong Khuo market, which had been neglected since March, It was also reported that three Khmer stalls were on fire.

Meng Huy said: “It should be simplified for Cambodians to come back to the market as normal because Cambodians think that closing the border is possible. Just a month and a half, okay. So They did not organize their belongings properly. So, when it rains, it can sink the roof of the market and cause damage. These things are not worth 20,000 baht. The dealers there are very costly and some sell cattle for sale in Thailand. ”

Thailand has announced a postponement of its closure until the end of June, and yesterday the Bangkok Post reported no. Of the 19 new cases of cholera in the district, only five were imported from the Middle East.

Thailand reported 3,156 cases of jaundice 19 since January, with 58 deaths recovered. There were 3,023 patients and 75 patients in the hospital.

Cambodia reported yesterday that another 19 confirmed cases of HIV / AIDS were Cambodian Americans who had just traveled from the United States. June 21 will bring the total number of cases to 130, with 127 recovering and no deaths.

Cambodia has yet to report any cases of communal infections, and the majority of cases are from foreign countries while the Ministry has Health is tightening airport gate rules to prevent person-to-person transmission in the country. ៕