Starting today, supermarkets and malls in Bangkok and adjacent provinces, except for food and consumer goods markets, are ordered to close for three weeks in an effort to ease the spread of Covid- 19.

According to the Bangkok Post published on March 22, 2020, the Bangkok shutdown, ordered by Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, occurred as the number of Covid-19 infections spread. Yesterday, 89, the highest number since the first case was reported in January, totaled 411 people in the country.

The closure order prompted many city residents to rush to the mall to stock up on essential goods and items yesterday, despite assurances that the mall and the necessary stores will remain open and restaurants can still offer regular.

On March 17, the Bangkok Municipal Administration (BMA) ordered eight categories of schools, including schools, theaters, massage parlors and sports facilities, to be closed for 14 days.
Update: October