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Thailand: Democrat activists hold demonstrations on June 24 in Thailand on the anniversary of the anniversary of the uprising. 1932, ending the authoritarian monarchy by demanding reform and denouncing a political system that was still under influence. Of the Army.

On June 24, 1932, the People's Party, which consisted of bureaucrats and the military, ended the authoritarian monarchy. Century by that day was a virtual day
Photo for Democrat special groups since the coup of General Prayuth Chan-ocha in 2014 After last year's controversial election.

Dozens of people gathered on the sidelines of Bangkok's Parliament House on June 24, some raising posters with word of mouth. The slogan "abolish the constitution that maintains military power" or that the country belongs to the people

Another demonstration took place early in the morning in front of Bangkok's Democracy Palace. Activist Prachamikakak says the current government is trying to reduce it
The power of the people. The constitution must be made by the people and not for the people who shape it to control us.

The military and royalty remain the most important and influential figures in Thai political life. The rally was at a sensitive stage. Prayuth Chan-ocha has recently warned against any criticism of the king. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)