Svay Rieng Province: Currently, there is a company transporting pigs from Thailand through Svay Rieng Province to transport across the border to Vietnam through the Prey International Border Gate. From 600 to 1,200 vines per day. But the worrying thing is that the sick and dead pigs in Vietnam are not allowed to enter their country. The traders also sell to the slaughterhouse to cut the meat and distribute the meat in the market to resell to the people of Svay Rieng. To affect the health of the buyer to eat.

The story of a trader who bought sick and dead pigs and transported them to a slaughterhouse for distribution at this market was on the morning of July 19. 2020 in Prey Vally village, Thmey commune, Kampong Rou district.

In this case, Mr. Yous Sim, 55 years old, the owner of the crossing, transferred pigs to
Vietnam At the point of the military canal in Prey Vally village, Thmey commune, said that the company of Tycoon Chim Sok has a permit to transport live pigs From Thailand to Cambodia and across the border to Vietnam, but the company brought pigs to the station to check Health and transfer the car to Vietnam, but if there are bad and dead pigs, the Vietnamese do not accept and do not allow imports . Therefore, bad and dead pigs that Vietnam does not take are sold to slaughterhouses in Svay Teap district.

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Sim Va, 37, the owner of a slaughterhouse in Svay Teap district, said that there were indeed live and dead pig traders. Come to his slaughterhouse, but do not know where they came from. He is the owner of the kiln, there is only a place for traders to cut pigs for 8,000 riel per pig. 15,000 riel head. He has no right to ask for a dead pig to be slaughtered.

Mr. Simva said that the owner of the pigs brought the pigs into the kiln, which was made by his workers, and he took them back. But the fee for the animal health check is the low veterinarian from Svay district.

Slaughterhouse in Svay Teap district slaughters 10 to 15 pigs a day. As for the pig slaughter workers, they said that live pigs and dead pigs were used to kill, scratch and clean their internal organs. Ten thousand riels.

Regarding this case, Mr. Sok Sany, a veterinarian from Svay Teap district, said that he visited the slaughterhouse from 3 am to noon. 8 am, but he did not know if the traders kill more animals. As for the pigs, the traders did not know where they came from, but in the past, it was reported that there were traders taking pigs from the station. Kampong Ror district came to cut in the slaughterhouse and cut at home and then distributed by motorbike in the village.

In fact, in Svay Teap district slaughterhouse, there are more pigs being slaughtered without a veterinary officer inspecting them and the pigs are transported from the wild ivory station. There were many pigs in Sim Va's slaughterhouse, but many dead pigs were not brought into the kiln.

Mr. Pen Chanthy, Director of Production and Veterinary Office of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said that the company has a transport license. Thai pigs cross Cambodia to Vietnam with animal health certificate from medical officer
Thai animals and Cambodian professional officials, and when the pigs arrived at Prey Vally station, we had officials go down to check the stock. Bad pigs and dead pigs on the Vietnamese side are not allowed to be imported into their country, and if transported back to Thailand Unable to do so, the company decided to sell to the slaughterhouse in Svay Teap district to cut meat and distribute it at the birth market. This unhealthy pig is not sick, but it takes a long, hot road to get sick.

From 5 to 10 dead pigs, there are always deaths due to long distance transport in a truck carrying 300 pigs, only then there are dead, not dead Due to illness, our officials are allowed to cut the meat for sale, if the meat is rotten and damaged, they will not be allowed to cut the meat for sale. . (Edited by: Bopha)