BANGKOK, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) – A powerful Thai military commander, Apirat Kongsompong, told the Thai military on Wednesday. That hatred of the nation that is harassing the country is a bigger threat than the Kovid-19 virus pandemic because The pro-democracy movement is growing.

The Thai kingdom has been protesting almost daily for more than two weeks, with most of the young Thais gathering in special rallies. At night, protests against the current government led by former army commander Prayuth Chan Ocha.

During a visit to a military academy on Wednesday morning, Army Commander General Aphirath spoke specifically about "illness." "Kovid-19 can be cured, but the incurable disease is the country's hatred," he said. Nation. ”

"We can not cure people who hate their own nation," he said.

Prayuth's administration faces criticism for its management of an epidemic that has hurt the economy Thailand will leave millions of people unemployed.

Most of the young protesters called for Prayuth's government to overthrow and amend the military-imposed constitution set by the military in 2017.