Phnom Penh: Top 10 museums that keep archives and antiquities are temporarily closed, do not allow national and international visitors to visit. Measures to curb the spread of infectious disease 19

Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Long Bonnary, director of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, said yesterday that the museum, which had been notified by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, would be closed. There are 10 temporary museums, including small museums in some provinces, but he does not remember exactly how many museums Yes That's all.

The 10 largest museums are the most active, open to international visitors and the public, he said Visit daily. All of these museums are exhibited in historical documents, antiquities, antiquities, war memorabilia, and a few other souvenirs. .

“We have been closed since March 18,” he said. Some provinces also have some activities, such as Battambang, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap and others. "The impact is that it is affected, but only less and more, and more importantly, we prevent the coronavirus."

Long Kosal, director of the Apsara Authority and spokesman of the Apsara Authority, said yesterday that the museum is under the control of the Apsara Authority. Three sites – the Norodom Sihanouk Museum, the Lantern Museum and the Asian Traditional Textiles Museum – are closed to non-national and international visitors. Visitors since March 18.

The ban, he said, was not yet known when it would be reopened, and would wait until the condition became contagious 19 Relieved and until new guidance from the Royal Government as well as relevant ministries and institutions.

“If the National Museum closes, I think it will affect, but it will not affect the situation very seriously We are just like the world, just that it affects more or less, and it is important that we protect against the coronavirus as it grows. Spread very hard. So if we keep going, it will lead to cross-contamination. ”

The president of the Cambodian Tourism Association, Chay Claire, supports the government's actions through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and the Fine Arts as a preventative measure. The outbreak of the disease has been diagnosed in 19. She urged local officials in charge of the museum to respect and implement the recommendation.

“Normally, if the closure of a national museum is such that it always affects the state, there is no revenue to the state, neither the private nor the revenue The people who are involved in tourism have no income, so it does, but essentially we prevent the disease altogether. ».

According to a press release of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts dated March 18, the Phnom Penh Post received yesterday. From the impact of the current global epidemic of respiratory tract infections (Culture 19), the Ministry of Culture has suspended all museum visits Country from March 18, 2020 This is it.

As for the museum's reopening, the ministry will be notified later. The Ministry confirms that, please, the Director of the Department of Culture and Fine Arts of Phnom Penh – Provincial Association of Tourist Guides, Travel Agencies, Travel Agencies, International Tourist Companies, National Museum of Angkor (Siem Reap Province) ) And all private museums are informative and practical from March 18, 2020.