Sihanouk The National Employment Agency of Preah Sihanouk Province will work with 10 large companies to set up a job forum that offers nearly all types of job opportunities While 4,000 claim that most jobs give priority to low-paid and well-paid citizens.

According to the notification of the National Committee for Training, National Employment Agency, March 11, the forum will be held on March 14 in Prey Nub District Hall from 8am to 12pm located in Veal Meas Village, Veal Rinh Commune, Prey Nop District, Preah Sihanouk Province Sihanouk.

The forum was organized in close collaboration with the Sihanoukville Provincial Department of Labor and Vocational Training, Prey Nup and the Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia (Preah Sihanouk)

The purpose states: “For the first purpose – to create a convenient meeting place for job applications and job applications All kinds. Second, the top 10 companies, including job opportunities and recruitment requirements of all types of 3,799 jobs. Thirdly, job seekers in the region and the surrounding provinces can apply and get jobs more widely and easily. ”

Mok Thoeun, director of the Sihanoukville Provincial Labor Center, told the Post yesterday that the forum was the first major event for 2020. This was co-organized in Sihanoukville. According to official figures in Sihanoukville, the job demand is reaching more than 8,000, many of which are in the sector Textile sewing.

But she said that for the upcoming workforce, nearly 4,000 jobs will be announced, most of them in textile factories catering to citizens. Cambodians with low levels of education may have more opportunities for employment.

She added: "Those who are going to join this forum, as workers, should prepare their family book, identity card or birth certificate. There is a high degree of cultural desire to apply for a financial management company or company and a CV. They will have the opportunity to get registration and interview right away, and in case the company is not yet able to keep his / her file Make an appointment for your interview later. ”

She added that the forum will provide participants with an easy and low-cost opportunity to get work done quickly Well.

Mao Pheng, an individual training officer at Jiang CL Group Limited Group Group, one of 10 companies, told the Post. Yesterday said the decision to join the forum is expected to recruit more people according to the company needs more than 500 staff .

He added that his company needed more staff, administrative, factory management and export-import, and that unskilled workers were needed. Also, with salaries ranging from $ 209 to $ 600.

“In the past, we announced our selection directly to the community, such as in other provinces and with the announcement Follow some social media. But this is not enough because it is now difficult to find people to work for. We expect this forum will help us find more staff. ”

According to Moc Thoeun, there are 10 companies that will be announcing the recruitment, most of which are located in Sihanoukville. And there is only one company located in Kampot, so she encourages people living in the province to come and take it. Opportunities for all .