As part of a global effort to support partner countries Worldwide, Team Europe * is raising € 443 million in grants and loans to work with Cambodia in the fight against The global pandemic of CAV-19, as well as reducing the socio-economic impact of the disease.

According to a press release on June 11, the European Union said that Team Europe * is the team that came up with the task. Joint EU effort with its member states, financial institutions and implementing agencies. Together, the European Union provides significant financial and technical assistance to help Cambodia meet the pressing need to protect its vulnerable groups. Vulnerable to reduce the socio-economic impact of the Corona virus crisis and be ready to recover. In Cambodia, the European Union works together with our European partner Switzerland.

All programs and projects undertaken by the European Union all contribute to the promotion of democratic principles, the promotion and protection of human rights, and the strengthening of gender equality.

"The global pandemic of the Corona virus requires cooperation and solidarity," said Carmen Moreno, EU Ambassador to Cambodia. Europeans stand with Cambodia in this difficult time. We must work together to ensure a sustainable and sustainable economic recovery, as well as to reduce the impact this global epidemic has on working lives. And their livelihood. To that end, we use our resources together and participate in efforts with the government and the Cambodian people to respond to this global challenge. ”

The support that European partners give to Cambodia focuses on three key priorities in line with Cambodia's KV-19 Response Plan: European Health Support Contributes to the Research and Testing Capacity in Cambodia, Supports the Implementation of the National Action Plan on Combating Ivory-19 disease and strengthening the health system. European partners are strengthening their practices and adjusting their programs to focus on nutrition, personal hygiene, access to safe water and sanitation in order to be more responsive. The need arises during this global pandemic. The European Union strongly supports the World Health Organization and contributes to the program implemented by Cambodia.

In the event that livelihoods and food security are at risk, European partners contribute to supporting their livelihood and employment, up to the group. The most vulnerable through social protection programs, scholarships, improved access to education, assistance to migrant workers and returnees. European programs support the livelihoods of the state through aquaculture development, rural infrastructure development and responding to management challenges. The microfinance crisis.

Europe will work with Cambodia to support economic recovery and job creation. European support will contribute to strengthening key sectors of the economy, including public investment for economic development, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly recovery.

European programs and projects will contribute to building resilience in the private sector and supporting job creation, ensuring strong economic recovery as well as building. An economy that is sustainable, sustainable and resilient in line with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Support for 443 million euros ($ 483 million or KHR1990 billion), a new allocation of funds allocated through Redirected programs and funds are provided through government institutions and partner organizations, including civil society organizations.

European groups include the European Union and its member states. In Cambodia, the European Union is joined by Switzerland, our European partner. By: Kolab