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Kovid-19: Partial Assistance to Workers Who Lost Their Jobs Due to the Custody-19 Ministry of Labor and Vocational training is being conducted to train workers from one factory to another in order to improve their working ability and thinking. More broadly to better prepare for the post-Cold War-19 crisis. On the morning of June 6, 2020, 5,280 workers suspended their contract at Silicon Company (Cambodia). In Chbar Mon town, Kampong Speu received this soft skills training.

Prak Chanthoeun, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Labor, said: “To increase productivity, work efficiency, harmonize professional relationships in the workplace and prepare for new jobs. Also, while the industry is back to normal. ” Courses are generally two days a week, where workers are almost always trained in communication and art skills Negotiating Working Group, Labor Law, Labor Dispute Resolution, Basic Rights of Workers, Understanding National Salary Security, safety, and occupational health, especially the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures.

The Ministry of Labor has announced that it has conducted training in several factories and so far. According to the Ministry of Labor's social media, it is learned that the ministry has visited a worker in Tway Fashion Cambodia. DPA Plc, located in Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province, has 752 contract workers involved. Training at Hong Kong Tech Sky Cambodia (Cambodia) is located in Daun Keo 953 people at Unite Wood, Manning Brewing Co., in Tramkak district, where workers suspended their employment contracts. 1 572 were in attendance.

Ath Thorn, president of the Labor Union, said the training would be a good thing to give workers knowledge, such as how to work in groups. That. He urged the ministry to conduct more training of the factories. According to the president of the Labor Union, the Ministry of Labor and Training had previously announced that 237 factories had suspended about 110,000 workers. By: Hi