Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Deputy Prime Minister Tea Banh said yesterday that without Prime Minister Hun Sen's win-win policy, it might be Cambodians. Continuing to live in fear of being unable to make a living, even traveling to certain areas of the motherland.

Tea Banh wrote on his Facebook page that today, the Royal Government, led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, has launched and overcome. All obstacles to implement this win-win policy.

"Without a win-win political presence … even traveling to certain parts of its homeland," he said The difficulty of practicing religion, lack of access to proper education, and inability to celebrate with joy at festivals as it is today This is it.

Tea Banh reminded of the government's win-win policy and all-out struggle with Prime Minister Hun Sen in the lead. It is possible for Cambodia to unite the fragmented forces for full national unity, which is crucial in the process of finding peace and development. To the National Society.

“With the support of our people, the government has successfully overcome many obstacles. It makes it possible for Cambodia to maintain its peace, political stability and development which has facilitated the better living of its citizens Get up every day.

He said that Cambodia has restored its prestige internationally by recognizing economic and humanitarian progress as well as maintaining activities. Peace to the countries in conflict.

Kin Phea, president of the Institute for International Relations of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said that if we look at the political process of Cambodia from 1979 to 1998, the country Cambodia is still plagued by civil war. If Cambodia did not have a win-win policy, then there could have been a war, if not a civil war, at least a movement Struggle along the way.

“Through this win-win policy, this is a key factor for peace for development and development in Cambodia so far,” he said. It is a historical fact that we must recognize that Cambodia has been at peace with the country from the end of 1998 until the end of 1998. Come on. ”

Kin Pheap said that the "win-win" policy refers to full-blown peace, which means an important achievement of the Royal Government. That goes along with other developments.

“Through a win-win policy, this is a catalyst to bring Cambodia the confidence of the international community and confidence. From foreign investors, and as we gain the trust of the international community, Cambodia's role grows in regional as well as international affairs The world. "

Political analyst Em Sovannara could not be reached for comment on Tea Banh's comment because his phone was unavailable yesterday. ៕