Tbong Khmum: HE Dr. Cheam Chansophoan, Governor of the Board of GovernorsTbong Khmum province said that "the suffering of the people is a serious suffering of Samdech Techo Prime Minister" and that is why the Royal Government of Cambodia Introduce cash support programs for poor, type 1 and poor type 2 and vulnerable people during Kovid – 19 That is, in Ou Raing Ov district, as well as throughout Tbong Khmum province, “It is strictly forbidden for families to cheat, and all really poor families must receive subsidies from Why Techo Hun Sen. ”

His Excellency Dr. stated that at the same time, the identification of the real poor families is being taken care of by Samdech Techo to ensure To implement the cash subsidy program for the poor more effectively, the provincial governor reminded the village chiefs, commune chiefs, commune clerks and stakeholders to implement it. All of you, please carry out this task according to the set procedure with accuracy and transparency.

His Excellency Dr. Cheam Chansophoan said this on the occasion of meeting with local authorities, villages, communes, relevant officials to check the actual implementation of identity work. Poor families in four communes, including Damrel commune, Chak commune, Toul Sophy commune and Kong Chey commune, Ou Raing Ov district, Tbong Khmum province, on July 14. 2020.

Addressing Village Chief, Commune Chief, Commune Clerk and Stakeholders HE Dr. Cheam Chansophoan Absolutely Prohibits Poor Families from Receiving Equity Cards No, if this is the case, all stakeholders are responsible for themselves, not mentioned.

As for all the really poor families, they have to give him a card with the right amount of cash to reach them, which is the cash of The Royal Government of Cambodia, under the utmost care of the poor people across the country by Samdech Techo Hun Sen, President of Cambodia and the Cambodian People's Party .

HE Dr. Cheam Chansophoan, after introductory talks as well as reminding local authorities, villages, communes, relevant officials, then proceeded to directly inspect the interview process. To the home of people who have applied for the poor equity card, as well as to check the process of citizens who have already received the poor card and make cash Policy support from the Royal Government as well.

For the poor people of type 1, poor type 2 and falling into poverty due to Kovit 19, expressed their happiness and gratitude from the bottom of their hearts. Receive attention and policy funding from the Royal Government of Cambodia.

It should be reminded that the program to provide cash to poor families is an intervention program of the Royal Government of Cambodia during the epidemic of Kovid-19 for Families with type 1 and type 2 equity cards. Program management, leadership, and coordination are utilizing the existing institutional structure of the cash program for pregnant women and children of all ages. Under 2 years to ensure sustainability and improve cost efficiency at both the national and sub-national levels.
By: Kolap