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Phnom Penh: The clarification letter from the Ministry of Economy and Finance by the General Department of Taxation dated 30th April 2020 Local news: "Cambodia Tax Rolls Royce Taxpayers Taxi Ride" and "Explosion of Tax Officers" All cars are worth the price Citizens, taxpayers have an old car ride.

The Department of Taxation has confirmed that the release of the information is false, confusing the public and users of social media that officials Taxes use this Rolls Royce. In fact, this vehicle belongs to the taxpayer who came to the meeting in connection with the fiscal duty to the state.

Moreover, the location in front of the entrance of the General Department of Taxation is not a place for tax officials to use, but is for you. Only taxable.

The clarification of the General Department of Taxation, after Facebook on April 27, has a Facebook account Some posters posted two pictures – one in front of the tax department building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, a luxury car Two luxury Rolls Royce luxury cars park in front of the motor A single entrance. The other is a picture of a garment worker with no seats, standing upright. Writing: "Don't underestimate Cambodia," the only Khmer people who collect taxes are the Rolls Royce. Prices range from $ 311,900 to $ 492,425 before taxes and shipping, so shipping to Cambodia costs around $ 1 million or more. USD (Around $ 1,000,000 or more). And for the taxpayers, the state taxis are wheelchair-free and have a poor morning. ”

The clarification of the Ministry of Economy and Finance is as follows: