Ta Si Samaki community in Ta Si village, Ta Men commune, Thmor Koul district, Battambang province is producing safe vegetables. Through smart farming techniques, supplying vegetables to its market in all seasons, according to the Ministry of Environment.

The Tasy Samaki community sells between 2 and 3 tons of chives a day in the external market, earning from 4 Million to 6 million riels.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the community grows vegetables using cow dung and prepared according to a specific plan.

Growing vegetables in a netting plant is more productive than growing it outside because it can protect against pests or germs. Currently, the community has more than 100 family members and more than 40 plantations, and the community plans to expand the plant to a total area of ​​40 Hectares to meet the growing market demand

Currently, the community has been growing many kinds of vegetables, and the most exported vegetable is fertilizer per day for export. In the external market, between 2 and 3 tons per day. By: CEN