Takeo: Speaking on the occasion of the invitation of the Chairwoman of the Launch PartyThe new structure of Tram Kak district administration on Monday, January 10, 2020 at Tramkok district, Ouch Pheap said that the response of the commune chiefs to the proposal Neighborhood Development and Development Fund The Royal Government of Cambodia has established a commune / sangkat fund for basic development expenditure starting in 2020. This goes to the commune administration Each block will receive an average of $ 77,000 in basic development funds, more than double the cost. By 2019, this budget will grow continuously after every year.

Until 2012, each commune will receive an average of over $ 154,000 in local development budget.

Regarding the above, I would like to urge all city administration to continue to provide technical and technical support, he said. Develop the capacity of commune councils through the formation of new municipal, district, and municipal councils to ensure their ends. The cost and use of these funds is costly Accountable and effective higher. At the same time, attention must be given to strengthening the role of the clerk, especially in strengthening and retaining them. Examine the duties of the legal authority of the commune and the legal authorities in accordance with the law, upholding and disciplining them; Yes.

In that occasion, the Governor of Taekwai province also instructed the Deputy Chief of the Municipal Administration Department. Leading the authorities of all levels of competence to enhance the maintenance of security and public order in The whole district takes into account important measures such as adoption – Encourage people from all walks of life to come up with a 'Safe Village' policy to work together. Prevention of all forms of crime in their respective areas, especially drug offenses, trafficking in persons, looting and gambling It is wrong to live in the entire locality Strengthen administrative and legal measures to combat all forms of illicit religion in general Posted by: Takeo