Takeo: Takeo Provincial Governor HE Ouch Phea Introduces As well as reminding the local authorities, all villages, communes must identify poor families clearly and for special purposes must be transparent and provide happiness. Diagnose correctly during Kovid 19.

Speaking on the occasion of handing out tablets to 15 communes and distributing equity cards as requested during 47 Kovid 19 families In Ang Ta Som commune, Tram Kak district, on Friday morning, July 24, 2020, Provincial Governor HE Ouch Phea said that the local authority consisting of commune councils, village chiefs must To have proper judgment, transparency, without partisanship or line, village chief, commune chief, and you are not turned, and you are Failed to do so, please do not let this problem at all during the time when the Royal Government released the cash program budget package To poor families type 1 and 2, as well as victims of Kovid 19, and for the conditions of providing poor families Level 1 and Level 2 must have something, only this commune village knows their situation clearly, so Commune / Sangkat Council must be happy Judge clearly and decide to target the poor situation of the local people Indeed, as well as the desire of the Royal Government of Cambodia, which has worked hard to pay attention and provide funds to support their livelihoods during When exposed due to Kovit 19.

HE Ouch Phea added that this work should be done carefully by the Council and not to allow any phenomena due to biased decisions. The head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Samdech Techo Prime Minister Hun Sen, has already announced that he will Take immediate action and there will be no exceptions if it is found that in any village and commune / sangkat there is this abnormal case, so please Local authorities at all levels, especially for direct practitioners in all communes / sangkats, must focus on completing this work properly and Most persistently avoid collusion, including relatives, nieces and nephews who are not poor families will be really vulnerable to get This allowance.

At the same time, HE Governor of Takeo Province also continued to instruct the people to be more careful and take good care of their health through hygiene habits. In particular, follow the rules of the Ministry of Health to participate in preventing and preventing Kovid 19 from infecting our community.

Uncle Mao Ly Siek, a resident of Trapeang Khlot village, Ang Ta Som commune, Tram Kak district, Takeo province, who came to receive the equity card, also expressed his happiness to Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, who provided cash to his uncle's family so that he could use and manage his livelihood. Every day, Mr. Uncle also asked to pray for the sacred objects in the world, please help nurture, maintain and heal the carpet for Samdech Techo Prime Minister and The family wishes good luck and continues to lead the country to greater progress.By: Takeo