Takeo: The Charity for Distributing Donation to Families of Victims in a Fire in the afternoon of 1 February 2020 in Chak Village, Sangkat Roka Knong Daun Keo, Takeo province Governor Ouch Pheak, and the President of Takeo province's Red Cross branch called on their brother Of course, all governments must be very careful Before using any electrical system before traveling outdoors, we need to look at every detail.

In particular, the unplugged battery, power cord, and power cord caused the cable to explode. If a house fire engulfs your home, your property is at risk, so in order to avoid the fire, we must be prepared to do so. Be very careful because the assets are sweat Our website is our homes and not be Left in Hesse upright.

Along with this call, the Governor of Taekwondo Province also expressed his condolences to the loss of the property of the people. The move also urged municipal authorities to look at some of the locations in the village to monitor road infrastructure in some villages should be a big deal. Goodbye not to be left out As in the case of fires, think tankers, due to Nightmare situation blew up.

Also, families affected by the fire last week received 25 kilograms of beads, a mosquito net, a blanket, a tent, a pillow and a pillow. By: Takeo