Takeo: Speaking at Bokeo Board Meeting, Road Safety Work, Takeo Province In the morning of February 4, 2020, in Takeo Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Khan Sokha, Deputy Governor of Ta Keu Province, urged the police to traffic Land should strictly enforce the law without regard for civil servants who do not obey traffic laws. Motorcycles or other vehicles do not wear helmets Looking back, this is a very bad example of why people are not allowed to participate in the war either. Everyone.

He went on to say that the law made is not just for anyone, but for the general public, no matter what the government officials are saying. Therefore, in order to contribute to the reduction of this disaster, all citizens and civil servants must join in the fight. Everyone for yourself, your family and everyone else Our National.

To the police, the road authorities stand at the intersection of National Road 2, National Road No.5 3 Be careful in the prevention and enforcement of vehicles and tuk tuks, which are the technical malpractice that cause the accident Triggered by automobiles, especially the traffic kingdom Posting in Kirivong with the local authorities must be given greater attention, as the source of those vehicles and tuk-tuks get the goods. It's from Kirivong alone, and the authorities and the district authorities must prevent it if not told to the upper authorities to leave you. The district continues to be the blocker.

It should be noted that the report of the Takeo Provincial Commissioner of Police shows that in January, 2012 there were traffic accidents. Eight out of seven times, one increase of which resulted in 19 people being seriously injured and leaving the Cardinal dead. A total of 18 out of 14 motorbikes were due for the cause With all eight cases driving on the speedboat, 5 disrespecting one priority, one negligence driving each other in the situation Accident 1 case.

With the result, Mr. Nopney, Director of the Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport, made a request to the relevant authorities. Participate in further dissemination of information on the Land Traffic Law system and launch a law enforcement campaign on the ground. Vehicles and Tuk-Trailers running the business Bulldozers are mounted on another road, the center of the building will be labeled with signs and markers on the road in addition to the main points. A number of urban centers to contribute to improving the quality of driver's license. Be careful when driving on the street at a meeting: