Takeo: A pro-active drug distributor in a rural town The military police in Takeo province, led by Colonel Nget Chanthy, deputy commander of the Royal Gendarmerie, and facilitated by the law, prosecutor Chiv Chandara Accompanying Takeo Provincial Court to Arrest Drug Abduction Agent 136 grams on the afternoon of June 20, 2020 at Kok Dong Village, Pech Sar Commune, Koh Andet District, Takeo Province.

Commander of the Takeo military police commander, said that in front of the drug distribution signs we detained was named Lor May male A 24-year-old man was born in a village in the north of the country where he was involved in a non-violent drug trafficking. On the morning of June 21, the special forces of the Provincial Anti-Narcotics Department were interrogating the ringleaders and File the case to Takeo Provincial Court

Colonel Nget Chanthy said that for the crackdown on drugs, the provincial military police will continue to work daily to clean up the area. The high prevalence of drug trafficking in rural areas, where drug activity is one of the main causes of gang violence Some of them have drug addicts so the Takeo provincial weapons and drug clearance is open and he is always open to his cooperation with the people. Reporting Notification to Authorities