Takeo: Takeo provincial governor Ouch Phea said at a press conference at the Council of Ministers yesterday that authorities had cracked down on drug offenses. 59 cases and 125 arrests in the first six months of 2020. This case compared to 2019 in the same period, 36 cases were cracked and 72 people were arrested.

The provincial governor said that the prevention and suppression of all kinds of crimes has been successful with a unified command mechanism, including taking To strengthen the implementation of village-commune safety policy, to hold public forums with the active participation of the people.

The provincial governor said that the provincial administration has issued regulations on the elimination of gambling, trafficking, distribution and use of all kinds of drugs by the command. The unity of the provincial administration, combined with the use of total measures, total means and total force, has improved the security of public order throughout the province. Order.

In fact, the work of maintaining law and order cracked down on 163 criminal cases in 2019, compared to 151 cases in 2018.

Mr. Sok Samnang, Commissioner of Takeo Provincial Police, also said at the conference that the drug problem is a global problem and Cambodia is a country affected by Drug problems. Cambodia does have drug users, but not drug producers.