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Mondulkiri police arrest a 14-year-old girl from her home One day and one night. On June 12, 2020, Meanchey Bridge police received a complaint from a villager about a case, authorities said. Missing teenage daughter since around 8:30 pm on June 11, no suspects found People lead.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Meanchey Bridge Bridge Police teamed with Sen Monorom police and provincial police to conduct a search. After nearly 20 hours, the girl was taken away by a worker who worked with her father.

Authorities said the girl, who disappeared from the house on June 11 at the request of the parents, found and returned Back home on June 13, she ran after her boyfriend, 19-year-old Swang Savat, who worked with her. Her father.

After finding the child, the parents of the girl, with their own grief, sued the authorities for legal action against the minor. In this case, the authorities have been taking steps to build the case.