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Pailin: Following outbreak of Corona or Kovir-19 epidemic spread across the world as well as the country Until Vietnam and Thailand side block some international gate, traders suspend export of agricultural products such as maize Cashew nuts, turmeric and cassava. But in some cassava stalls, traders continue to buy, but at a lower price, farmers are forced to suspend their harvest Refresh the cassava plant, as it had two or three inches of rain that wet the fields.

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In fact, at 9:30 am on March 31, 2020, a farmer, a 65-year-old man living in Pailin, hired a nearby worker. 10 people to plant cassava in their 4 hectares of farmland in Teuk Phos village, Pailin commune, Pailin City. The owner of the vineyard told that he planted 9 hectares of cassava, renting workers a harvest And hauled in about 60 tons.

He added that when harvested, cassava was sold at a high price of 2 kg (Thai Baht). Following the explosion, Corona, called Kovir 19, suddenly appeared in some potato booths with no buyers No. Prices have also dropped, with traders buying only one kilo for 1.5 baht (Thai baht). He added that when prices were low, he was a bit hesitant about seeing his farm plains rained. Two or three times, we rent a tractor to plow the paddy and then hire the workers to plant them slowly. The price per hectare is 250,000 riels.

He added that in 2019, his nine hectares of land are growing all cassava until 2020. The only way to change the crop is to keep all the potatoes back, because if the price of corn is going down When you buy seeds to grow more money to sell, they are less profitable Too. But if he planted his own cassava, cutting it down would not cost much.

One man, Vun Keo, 40, a seven-day-old cassava worker from Kampong Thom province For the owner of the vineyard for a week ago, it was Mao Tse Tung
One hectare is cultivated at 250,000 riels per day. Also. He added that in the evening, they were staying in the cafeteria while they were working on a cassava plantation. Will continue to grow others. Furthermore, once the international gate is opened and the market price of cassava is higher, he will continue to follow Each plantation until the end.

He says that in his hometown this month, his wife and children are now working on the farm in Pailin province. It was raining and the water was sufficient to return to tillage. Please note that so far in some cassava fields, owners have not yet harvested Wait for slightly higher market prices, and some places have not yet planted, waiting to rain a little longer. Prolonged planting can cause the death of hard-working workers.