Svay Rieng Province: Mr. Men Vibol, Governor of Svay Rieng Province accompanied by Mr.The Director General of the Provincial Treasurer of the Provincial Council of Ministers and President of the Ministry of Finance, on January 17, 2020, visited the bank The Waikou River (the Tanning Dam) adds a northern section and a tributary section, extending the river bank along the National Highway. 1 Connect from the left bank to the center of the Howard River Bridge The 220 m long and part of the South Western shores of the Bridge House.

Under the leadership of Governor Men Vibol, he has made a number of big achievements for the last generation of children and the river bank. This will include a public garden terrace, a paraphernalia, a guest parking arrangement. First of all, tourism.

For the location of the Svay Rieng University campus, the side of the road is soon to be the first National Road and will be filled with soil. In order to facilitate the departure of the students from the school as well as the improvement of the beauty there, these achievements were then built. To promote and improve the quality of beauty in the province M. By: Waiko