Svay Rieng: On the afternoon of April 23, 2020, the Joint Chiefs of Drug Offices of Svay Rieng Gendarmerie sent two suspects to court for criminal charges related to the illegal possession or trafficking of drugs. .

Svay Rieng Provincial Court said at 22:00, April 21, 2020, with the permission of prosecutor Kham Sophary, prosecutor of the Magistrate's Court, in cooperation with the Bavet Municipal Police Force. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Srey Vutha, the deputy commander in chief of the Justice Department, used the illicit measures to sell illegally. Substance use agents interact with agents in Bavet City.

At 22:30, April 21, 2020, a drug trafficking case appeared in front of 388 guesthouses in Bavet Kandal village, Bavet commune, Bavet town, Svay Rieng province under the direct command of Brigadier General Gendarmerie. Seavuthy, the commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Svay Rieng, has arrested several suspects. 01 people named Vanna angle of 27-year-old male resident unambiguous vocation current rental Unrecognized Villages neighborhood Baptist province and conducted a search on the body found:
Six packs of drugs
2. One mobile phone
3. KHR 40,000 Riel
4. US $ 20
5. VND 150,000 VND
6. One handbag
7. One Wing Card
8. Some packing and use materials.

After questioning, Justice Vannak, male, admitted that he bought the drug from the name of Veasna on 096 8895187.

By 07:10, 22 April 2020, the name of Vann Vannar communicates the name of Das Veasna, the master in front of Sre Talak Guesthouse in Thmey Village, Sangkat Bavet, Bavet City, Svay Rieng Province, and later named Das Veasna. Armed forces then arrested and physically searched and seized evidence including:
2 packs of narcotics
2 phones
3. US $ 10
4. KHR 60,000
5. One Card Member Card. Name: Dok Veasna, Male, 34, Occupation, Unknown Occupation, Chong Island Village, Koh Anlong Chen Commune, Saang District, Kandal Province.

Currently, the suspect and exhibits have been sent to the provincial court to submit a case to the prosecution.