Central: Angsnuol district police inspectors crack down on a group of people Wearing a Buddhist apron (False Monk), which happened on March 27, 2020 at 19:30 am Ma Heng Guesthouse Prey Krolanh Village, Khvarl Commune, Ang Snoul District, Kandal Province.

7 suspects detained 1 -Twit Sok Mao, 35, false business in Khnaol village, Kampong Saing commune, Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng province.
Horse Name: 25, False Occupation in Veal Tralal Village, Meanchey Commune, Chhuk District, Kampot Province. Sorn Chit, a 20-year-old Cambodian who was a non-citizen in Prey Por village, Sra Chea commune, north of Dang Tung district, Kampot province. 4-year-old Chreak is a Cambodian who has a false occupation in Prey Por village, Srae Chea commune, north of Dang Tung district, Kampot province. 5. Name of Hun Run, 18, Cambodian, Occupation, False Village, Srea Chea Commune, North Tung District, Kampot Province. Srinine, 26, Khmer Occupation, Prey Veng village, Sre Cheng commune, north of Dang Tung district, Kampot province. Chiang Chhevy, 39, Khmer, Driving Occupation in Otaki Village, Otaki Commune, Thmor Kol District, Battambang Province. Capture three phones, one Camari car, 95 colored watermelon, 95 Series # Phnom Penh 2E-7988. Five steps. 4 umbrellas. One sharp knife. 7 backpacks
6 lacquer sleeves. Some substance abuse equipment.

Police said that at the above hours, the force received the information from the good people that the above-mentioned guesthouse had suspicious behavior and cooperated with the police. Neak Chak Chhang Neak Peak Forest with indications
From the Commissioner, there is a coordination from the prosecutor accompanying the Kandal Provincial Court and from the district administration, the chief of the commune heads to the guesthouse. (Maheng) Inspect the seven suspects listed above.

The suspect confessed to dating him and dating in the backyard, helping the car carry him in a fraudulent suit. As a Buddhist monk, he pays 20,000 riels
And he started walking down the street on March 26, 2020, started the latrine market and changed his clothes on the car.

Please specify a suspect for 3 months. In this case, the professional forces are continuing to follow the procedure by: Kolab