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Today, human society has developed in all fields of thought, consideration, analysis, and evaluation of scientific concepts, theoretical frameworks, and scientific formulas. Both scientific innovations meet human needs. But all of this new knowledge does not equally penetrate into everyone's consciousness. And all this new knowledge does not completely solve mankind's problems. Science cannot, however, uncover the secrets and mysteries of every human being. Also. It is these problems that have caused some people, especially the elderly, to remain socially disadvantaged Unresolved and continue to believe in this absurd or superstitious belief.

There are a number of reasons behind such absurd beliefs, such as a lack of understanding of natural processes, evolution Nature and natural phenomena, Understanding human nature Understand social needs, social rules, social tricks, Problems Of social life and the problems of individual life, not understanding the causal relationship In nature and in human society, in some cases, both individuals and societies continue to face incomprehensible problems Unable to solve, and do not understand how to solve problems caused by nature and man.

Because of all of this, we have seen some of the most lenient people in the world who have become water gurus. Effort, to act as a potent healer, and to cheat on immoral persons, and to keep things secret. In many other forms of superstition.

As long as there are believers in irrational beliefs, that belief still exists in human society. As long as there are people who are easily deceived, there are still liars. The solution, then, is to work together to eliminate scammers and to help the masses not become subject to it The deceit of the wicked.

Please don't make it easy for Khmer people to believe in something that is unreasonable or unfounded The reason or superstition that is said. By San Sarin