A lawyer representing Tinsrichen Inc (TSCJ), which owns NagaWorld and NagaCity Walk, said that her client will begin legal action against her husband. Sun Wah Properties (Cambodia), which caused damage to its underground mall.

In a complaint filed by TSCJ sent to Khuong Sreng, the governor of Phnom Penh's board of governors, TSCJ chief executive Chen Lip Keong said in the morning of May 29, Sun Wah Company The NagaCity Walk underground office sends machinery and workers to dig and destroy structures and waterproofing systems that affect the aesthetics of the Naga tunnel to build next-generation tunnels. Link from their headquarters to the main street.

"Although the security team and technicians of Nagas tried to advise them to stop the activity and confirm that the site has layers and structures of groundwater protection system," the complaint states. "But they ignored it and kept on clearing and building."

"This is the second case where Sun Wah has taken actions that affect the aesthetics of the Naga tunnel. This illegal work poses a serious threat to the structure and layers of the Niagara Falls Metro Center. Sun Wah's construction work also poses a risk to the safety of hundreds of workers as well as thousands of visitors a day.

Mao Som Vuthy, a lawyer representing the TSCJ, said that after receiving the complaint, Khuong Sreng ordered Chamkar Morn officials to come down and stop Sun Wah.

Sun Wah claimed it had a permit from the municipality, but it did not show it, she said.

Mao Som Vuthy said her client would take legal action against Sun Wah Properties for damages caused by the company and also filed an immediate complaint to stop Sun Wah continuing its work. Also.

"NagaCity Walk's tunnel has been leased to TSCJ for 50 years and during this time my client has the right to manage the site," she added.

"It is illegal for Sun Wah to conduct unauthorized construction of my client without mentioning damage to property or harm to the person and property below. This is it. ”

City Hall spokesman Meth Meas Pheakdey said he was unaware of the issue.

Theng Sothol, governor of Chamkar Mon district and Sun Wah Properties, could not be reached for comment.