Senior Minister Sun Chanthol claimed to have never intervened Please release the overloaded truck.

Friday, February 21, 2020 At the Office of the Council of Ministers Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, was invited as an honorary speaker at a press conference. On the progress and direction of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport with the input of Mr. Phay Siphan, Government Spokesman Mm Published as the senior management of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and many news agencies from other information.

Speaking at the conference, the Minister informed about the history of transport infrastructure in the Kingdom. Cambodia depends on the budget – some logistics infrastructure was restored after the 1993 election. Is a two-dimensional thin-walled (DBST) method for connecting information One area to another area in the country to promote the transportation of in accordance with the strategy of the Royal Government.

In particular, the Minister pointed out that because of the peace, the Royal Government of the Prime Minister has contributed to the economic growth of the country. The robustness that has also contributed to the growth of automotive, investors and tourism has made the government more able to integrate into the region. In particular, all national roads were and 'Re promoters DBST quality concrete (AC), and expand from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.

Moreover, the Minister added that the Royal Government has been constructing a fast track from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and is studying the construction Highways from Phnom Penh to Bavet, a potential Asian highway, continue to build bridges over the river. Stung Treng Bridge and Bridge in Kratie Province

Also, the Minister confirmed that the government had been constructing a 14.5 meter deep water pier and learning more about the construction. The 17m to 17.5m deep water vessel, which was studied by the Japan International Cooperation Agency to carry cargo. The United States, in particular, is advancing Trading the water and railways in the Kingdom of Cambodia by attracting companies to invest in the industry. .

The Minister said that the water filtration system was satisfied, so far the ministry has developed the plan. In the capital, some provinces such as Preah Sihanouk, Phnom Penh, Takhmao etc. And is studying for master plans in other provinces aiming to maintain the beauty and well-being of the people.

The Minister also pointed out the development of the online registration system, the establishment of the check-in station, the Chancellor Office, the Transfer Office, and Renewal of driving license at YNN 1 and AE2 supermarkets Cambodia Driving Rules (ROAD CARE Mobile App) Public Service: Citizens Need to Urge Effectively Equity and transparency prevent counterfeiting, promote citizens' participation and enhance ownership of all infrastructure. .

The official said the unlicensed garage had been closed for a while. The station management structure has been designed to eliminate overloaded traffic limits. Damage to roads and traffic accidents that cost the nation $ 350 million. Years.

Along with the development of public transport and transport, the Minister informed that the ministry had set up a logical system as well as Develop a national logistics plan to attract foreign investors and facilitate your business growth. Citizens also go to markets in cities and abroad.

At the press conference on the progress and goals of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport on February 1, 2020, Sun Chanthol spoke about The company that owns the truck, as well as the company with the big trucks, must obey the law properly.

He said public officials would apply the law to those who committed crimes without remorse, even those in power. Because there is no choice between the powerful, the rich or the poor, that is to weigh in on everything. Each.

"The car we caught did not have a car to go to. No request from this person came to me, I always said," he said. Want to try to free the overweight car by the telephone, please call from Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen myself There has never been a single intervention at the station No, or do not consider a truckload of weightlifting, as prescribed by law, not a free release. ”

He stressed that when the Ministry of Interior has installed the camera system at the weighing station, it will know which cars have not been weighed. Can escape.

He said that the ministry is preparing GPS or Bodi system on all cars to know about the activities of the cars. Also.
He also said that the ministry will change the station's chairman and general manager to weigh the two cars after finding some vehicles. There are also many escapees from the dead.

He said that four of the department's heads will not be replaced because the head of the department has a high status and role.

The Senior Minister stressed that the ministry had established a institute to train officials to be adequately trained in road construction and experimentation. Bridges and transportation infrastructure are highly regarded and have invited attendees from Harvard University as well as sent officials to study. Overseas, too Training experts and runs it to these officials, the grapes, bamboo or commissioner of the country's rule of law.

Finally, at the occasion, the Senior Minister sent a message to the public through a slogan. Saying no good is harmful to the workforce has a lasting effect.