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Are there any common qualities that successful individuals share, according to George Everly Jr. Is a psychologist and professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicin University.

During his 45 years at the prestigious university, he has had the opportunity to track down many successful individuals When they get to that situation. They include graduates, entrepreneurs, business managers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, vets. And medical students, and they became rich and famous. He noted that these people share the following qualities that make it impossible for people to forget:

1. Optimism
Real optimistic people always share a positive environment with the people around them. George explained that people feel better when they are in close proximity with the optimist. If you make a presentation, you should try to remind yourself when you are the most optimistic or the best, and your audience will Be more interested in your presentation.

2. Reliability
He noted that when people obey their words, the person will be ahead of others because there are no people Too much to rely on, especially when you work with strangers.

3. Commitment
Most people hate failure and hear rejection from others. As a result, they prohibit themselves from doing things they never did or reaching their real goals. But almost every successful entrepreneur is a person who perseveres, whether they fail or get rejected by others Of course. They are always trying to find ways to get the business moving forward, even though it is different from others Either ៕ Edited by: Sokhuk