Svay Rieng Province: Mrs. Ek Sovannara, Deputy Governor of Svay Rieng Province This morning, the morning of February 24, 2020, the President convened a meeting to review the results of the 2010 Human Trafficking Task Force Follow-up to the year 2010 in which the ceremony was held at the "D" Building of Svay Rieng Provincial Hall

Attending the meeting were the ladies and gentlemen, the Vice President and members of the provincial secretariat, the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force; Ladies and Gentlemen, The Three Representatives of the Provincial Administrative Office of the Provincial Departments Suffer a stroke All 8 Provincial Secretariat Provincial Councilors 8 Chiefs of Police Post of 80 Provincial Communes The hands should be more than 243 in total.

Speaking at the meeting, the Governor addressed key points that promote the anti-corruption work. Human Trafficking and provide more suggestions to the meeting, such as:

1. All relevant authorities should continue to look at the mechanisms of the implementation of the implementation system. Anti-trafficking policies People must plan their activities according to the local social context.

2. Must use all means, total force, measures, measures that enable the action plan to be effective and effective. Success.

3. The Royal Government of Cambodia must continue to prioritize policy support for its anti-corruption efforts. Because this is a direct threat to the culture and tradition of the family, the social values ​​in Cambodia.

4. Continuing to strengthen safe village, commune and village policies and more regularly to monitor human trafficking activities and to put plans in place. Traces of cities, counties, and border crossings to the south to prevent effective suppression by: Waiko