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Senior officials at the Royal Government of Cambodia show that infection with the virus can be cured, but fears are that The disease is worse than the CAV 19, so the key factor in this crisis is care Mental illness for the people. New respiratory tract infections caused by the virus The HIV-19 is a treatable disease, but traffic accidents kill many people every day. . There have been no deaths so far in the case of Kov-19, but due to the lack of information. True, making Knox-19 was a social crisis of terror.

Phay Siphan, the prime minister's deputy prime minister, said this during a working meeting. Mr. Ly Samrith, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap Province, on the afternoon of March 13, 2020, attended by Spokesman Around the provincial administration unit at the provincial school Reap. He stressed that in the course of the crisis, the strengthening of the information sector to maintain mental safety for the people was A very important thing that needs to be done is to reach people from all walks of life, both urban and rural. Believed and participated to prevent the spread Of this virus.

Under the action of the press conference, promotion through the public forum is particularly active in promoting the program. Conversing existing opinions on Provincial TV and online TV shows by inviting health professionals Respond to phone calls With the people, and keep up to date on the news of the Kuwaiti-19 crisis monitoring period, it can be communicated more often Tell the people that the real news here is to avoid listening to and receiving unsubstantiated information. That. People's safety is normal in people's lives, not afraid of the Kuwaiti crisis Beware of better health protection.