Phnom Penh: The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has issued guidelines on continuing health education for the people And strengthening the monitoring of the implementation of the second wave of HIV infection in Phnom Penh.

Recently, the HIV infection situation in Cambodia has been somewhat improved, with 122 HIV-infected persons being infected. Two people were infected and 19 were still recovering. But in the wake of the spread of the HIV / AIDS virus in Cambodia, the rate of 19 HIV infections in the world is high. There are still some 4 million high cases, with more than 300,000 deaths.

In this sense, to continue to cooperate with the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health in the prevention and control of the spread of HIV-1 in the country. Communities in compliance with the highest leadership recommendation of Samdech Techo Prime Minister of Phnom Penh Municipal Administration to all 14 Khan Administration and Departments The following are 7 areas:

1. Continue to assign forces to disseminate, educate and guide people living and staying in Khan area, especially workers in factories in Phnom Penh Take measures to prevent and prevent the spread of the HIV virus 19 by washing your hands regularly, wearing a mask or using a scarf and masks When it comes to coughing or sneezing, keep in mind the social safety gaps and personal safety gaps required

2. Continue to ban all gatherings or gatherings, such as banquets or religious gatherings, and so on. Locally until September 2020.

3. Inspect and follow at restaurants and restaurants to take measures to prevent and prevent the spread of HIV All business owners above must prepare a gel or alcohol hand wash in front of the gate and assign staff to measure the temperature of all guests. Prior to allowing access to those locations. In case the above business owners do not follow the instructions, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration will temporarily close the business.

4. Continue to monitor and monitor the implementation of measures to temporarily suspend some business locations such as gyms, cinemas, KTV, entertainment clubs (Karaoke bars, butts) Cardio) health massage and spa business.

5. Conduct statistics from newly arrived citizens and guide them to make necessary measures and personal health monitoring in For 14 days and in case of any suspicious or unpleasant condition such as fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing Or the nearest Referral Hospital immediately or by telephone at 115.

6. To check the status of the place of residence of the residents for home referral from health center or hospital Citizens who volunteered to make a lottery at all Chaktomuk Centers organized by the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration and managed Continued work based on health monitoring results.

7. Strict measures to prevent and prevent the spread of the other 19avirus of the Ministry of Health and relevant institutions are still underway. In effect

By: Kolab