The Minister of Agriculture has confirmed that in the context of economic growth Growth in agricultural technology, processing, packaging, and export The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has been trying to strengthen cooperation with all development partners and the private sector. Follow the "Private Government, Development Partners and Community" Approach to support all agricultural value chains from A to Z.

Minister Veng Sakhon said this when he received Doan Nyuyen Duc, President of HAGL AGRICO and Collaborators to examine the status and progress of the company on the ELC investment plan
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on January 30, 2020.

Doan Nyuyen Duc, on behalf of the firm of Hoang Anai Lay Lay Agrico, said the support and collaboration and encouraged the company To continue and increase investment in this sector, despite the Company's many challenges in the past, which has achieved great achievements The most recent is the official launch of the Zhejiang export First yellow banana of Cambodia goes straight to the People's Republic of China.

Currently, the company is developing 18,000 hectares of agro-industrial crops, including about 7,000 hectares of banana plantations, including more than three. Thousands of hectares of land are being used, investing more than $ 400 million for roads, land, water systems, planting Collect Hygiene, packaging and warehousing 2 8 packaging structure which is divided into 2 standard. China and Japan. The entire production chain employs 200 people. The company also has 10 packaging factories with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year. And by 2020, the company will increase its production of fresh banana to 500,000 tonnes and continue to promote the cultivation, processing and export of some crops. More such as mangoes, grapefruit, dragonflies, and blackberries, which require more than 15,000 domestic workers. Therefore, through the Minister, you are asking the relevant ministries and authorities to help attract both the migrant workers and the migrant workers. Domestically, there are five subsidiaries that are experiencing labor shortages. The company also plans to expand investment by targeting 5,000 beef cows to contribute. Promote the growth of domestic livestock, especially export in the future.

The Minister highly appreciated all efforts to overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve significant achievements in joint development of the sector. Cambodian agriculture is sustainable and sustainable. In connection with the investment, the Minister informed the guests that in the context of economic growth, agricultural technology development, packaging and export, Ministry of Agriculture Hunting and fishing have been trying to strengthen cooperation with all development partners and the private sector through the “Private Government, Development Partners and Community ”to support investment in agricultural value chains from A to Z by increasing product productivity, packaging and storage Quality, hygiene and safety standards in line with international market standards, how to contribute and support the export of Cambodian produce to international markets More Increased further in the future. At the same time, the Minister advised companies on how to improve cooperation with all stakeholders, especially the Secretariat of the Economic Land Concession All remaining work and with the General Department of Agriculture in the implementation of rules and techniques related to sanitation and hygiene Increase confidence in the quality and safety. The Minister welcomes and supports the company's cattle farms as it is a major investment in the sub-sector The animals are sure to contribute to the country's economic growth, so he asked the company to work with the General Department of Animal Health and Animal Production to fill out the form. Establishing standards and sanitary manner. By: intellectual force majeure