Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner said Addressing problems and problems of the people is the duty of the police chief. Lots of noise-filled drinking places were stopped by district and municipal authorities on April 15 last year. 2020 marks the second day of Khmer New Year.

Following the regular instructions of His Excellency Lt. Gen. Seth, Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Police of Phnom Penh, ordered all the authorities. Out of Phnom Penh Police Commissariat Must Provide Public Service Quickly Addressing People The people were white Sorry. In line with this guidance, the Press and Quick Reaction Team, whether day or night, is constantly monitoring and resolving people's misery by working in collaboration with inspectors. All 14 counties and all administrative police posts.

Despite the constant publicity on the part of Phnom Penh Police Station as well as the nightly practice to stop, educate and educate people about the activities of drinking and drinking. Singing loungers causes noise that can never rest, however few people still cause this problem.

Please be advised that a small number of citizens should respect the rights of others as well as to follow the Ministry of Health's guidelines for reducing drinking meetings To Collaborate In Preventing And Preventing Infection With The Kovirus 19 ៕ By: Colab