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In a recent New York Times article, billionaire Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO Like to work from home, it is explained that “creativity comes from active meetings from discussions. You walk up to a person, you ask what they're doing, and you say, Wow! And soon you can come up with something new. ”

Because of this, Jobs organized Pixar and Apple's offices as private rooms around the room. Water closet, lounge, kitchen and coffee stand. Now, the common rooms have been converted into gyms and coffee shops.

Why are those common rooms important? The discussion in the common room will not cause harm or disruption to anyone other than the discussion in the room Overall. Additionally, if employees want to have a private conversation, they can switch to a private office anytime.

Joint offices also force people to try to focus on work, depending on tools such as earphones. In addition, employees in the joint office may have a bad habit of avoiding face-to-face conversations and using messages or emails to communicate Back.

Jobs doesn't like working from home because it forces people to break up with other colleagues, but it still There are many benefits to the new era, as the countries around the world see the spread of the coronavirus.

The use of social media has accelerated communication, and online video conferences are becoming more and more popular Also. So if you are a company or business concerned for the health of employees, you can allow work from home, but you need to push Avoid avoiding contact with teammates. Edited by: Sokhuk