The meeting was co-organized by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology Technology and Innovation with Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was held on the afternoon of April 30, 2020 at the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation. Exchange of Representatives from Cambodian Young Entrepreneurs Association, Cambodian Entrepreneurs Association, representatives from SME Bank, PPC Bank, Representatives from agencies GEN Cambodia, Cambodia investment Club, Mekong Strategic Partner and representatives from Impact hub.

Minister Cham Prasidh considered it an important meeting to hear presentations of expert research findings and exchange of ideas. In terms of the impact of the crisis on Ivory Coast's 19 MSMEs and Tech Startup in Cambodia . We can also collect inputs through the recommendations as well as the concerns raised by relevant speakers along with a number of priority measures that Adopted to restore vitality after the Covid-19 crisis eased and disappeared.

Mr. Kan Channith, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, mentioned good cooperation between the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Some Initiatives to Promote MSMEs and Tech Startup in Cambodia in the Context of the Industrial Revolution The 4th generation industry.

"The results of this research to assess the impact of the 19 Ivorian disease on the Eco-System," he added. Our Eco-System Small, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Eco-System Innovative Businesses (Tech Startup) in Cambodia As an Eco-System of the Private Sector we have been working hard to improve Past but is currently affected.

"The results of the survey are to bring the voices of the private sector involved above to see what the implications are," he said. What are the priorities, governments, relevant institutions and development partners taking into account? To support our Eco-System through financial measures, policies, taxation, and related lending banks. ”

Mr. Sim Chandy Kiriroth, Representative of the Association of Cambodian Young Entrepreneurs, Presented a Survey Results V-19 on MSMEs and Tech Startup in Cambodia starting at the end of the month The months of March and the end of April 2020 are focused Some of the most important are current status issues – findings and analysis – policy response recommendations – and recommendations for development agencies Work in SME sector.

Senior Minister Cham Prasidh expressed his appreciation for the findings and stated that the impact of the Kovi-19 epidemic had slowed progress. Global economic growth. For Cambodia to start with this, of course, the government, ministries, relevant institutions, development agencies, the banking sector and private partners must find a suitable way. To improve the business opportunity post-Kov-19.

At this point, Minister Cham Prasidh stated: “We cannot do without analysis and defining the target, we must determine the priority. “In each sector, the relevant ministries and institutions are the key actors.”