Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Industry has confirmed that salt importsAnd salt markets are subject to strict scrutiny, and if salt is not adequately iodized. Or iodized salt, without the label of iodine as recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, shall instruct, revoke, or sanction in accordance with law and sub-decree.

During the consultation seminar on the planning of salt production and iodine incorporation In the year 2020
In the morning of January 20, 2020, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Industry HE Cham Prasidh Salt says that salt is beneficial for all people, animals and plants to support the growth of the organism simply. That need depends on their respective constituents. According to CS 548: 2017, iodine content is approximately 30 to 40 micrograms per kilogram, and A person needs 10 grams in order to support his or her physical appearance: – Increases memory And smart – help prevent diarrhea – prevent gonorrhea – and maternal anemia And so on.

The Minister stressed that the bean is a strategic food, so keeping the rice field as a necessity is imperative. In that, the production, processing and packaging of the product must comply with the hygiene quality standards, in short. Neither salt for consumption nor salt for craft industries have been forced to introduce iodine from the end of June this year. . In particular, the importation of the market and the report of the market must be strictly controlled and checked: Non-standard iodized salts or standard non-iodized salts are known by iodine. The Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts shall instruct, revoke or fine in accordance with the law and sub-decree Which is already set. This means that we have made a significant contribution to the economy and society, especially the future We, the bamboo princess, need adequate nutrition to achieve physical and intellectual growth.
He also mentioned some of the challenges that need assistance from partners, especially U NICEF, such as: Technology Transfer Increase productivity, support for iodine blenders, and promote awareness of the importance of iodine inclusion Media references Especially popular on local television news channels.

It should be highlighted that on this occasion there was also talk about the challenges of manufacturing, even through the Ministry of Industry and Industry. The government has issued a policy to encourage more salt in this sector. The main problems are: climate, production techniques and labor shortage due to low wages compared to construction. This work will be discussed further in the future Political, Economic and Financial Services Commission B By: Intellectual